SAFE Home Pledge

SAFE Homes is a parent pledge program designed to help create a safe environment for children. Two of its key missions are to raise awareness about alcohol and other drug and substance abuse among young people and to encourage parents to join together in addressing the problem. Rather than worrying alone, parents can unite to do something positive and proactive.

“Safe Homes” Parents/Guardians Pledge To:

  • Be present at all parties/gatherings in their home.
  • Not serve nor allow youth under legal age to consume/use alcohol, drugs, and/or tobacco in their home or on their property.
  • Welcome communication with any parent/guardian who observes their student using alcohol or other illegal substances.
  • Communicate with the parent/guardian of any student I personally observe using alcohol or other illegal substances.

A directory is compiled with every member’s information and it will be updated as needed, listing the children’s names, the parents’ names, the name of the school, the grade that the child is in, email addresses and telephone number(s). This data base is available to all parents. To request a copy of the directory please contact the Van Buren County SAFE Coalition at 319-293-6412 or via email at

Questions about the SAFE Home Pledge - Middle / High School
Questions about the SAFE Home Pledge - Elementary School

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